We have created the modern way to buy and own vacation rental real estate. Earn dependable income and enjoy your property whenever you wish. You own it. We manage it. Buying a property in Batumi and earning dependable income from it has never been easier.
Expert Management
When investing in hands-free property, the most important detail is the manager.
The Midtown is operated by Ruebush Hospitality Group, a leading property manager with a proven track-record of generating safe, reliable monthly income for investors. We have modernized and simplified the tedious process of DIY rental income property. When you own a share of this amazing apartment in Batumi, you enjoy all the benefits of valuable real estate, registered in your full ownership, without all the hassles and stress of maintenance, bookings, and collecting rents. We can even find you a buyer if you want to resell your share in the future. You own it. We manage it.
We make your life simple. You don't have to worry about bookings, scheduling, or greeting guests. We do that. You don't have to worry about property maintenance or housekeeping. We have that covered. You don't even have to worry about insurance for fire or theft or other disasters. We have you covered. Your investment is 100% fully hands-free. We take care of all the hassles and you enjoy the income.
Fully Legal
Co-ownership of real estate is nothing new. It is entirely legal and safe. Our offer is unique because we have simplified co-ownership and applied it to luxury penthouses. We have taken a lucrative type of real estate investment and put it within reach of anyone. Because of us, you don't have to be a multi-millionaire to legally own a penthouse and enjoy the benefits normally reserved for wealthy investors.
Easy Resale
You can resell any time you wish. We even offer resale services. We can advise you on the current market price and you decide what to ask, exactly the same as selling any other property. Real estate values move up and down due to market conditions. So, if you hold your property for at least 3 years, we guarantee to buy it back from you for the current market price, or 10% more than you paid for it, whichever is greater.
Actual Real Estate
The #1 question people ask us is "What am I actually buying?"
Our company develops and operates luxury vacation properties. This apartment is divided into 25 ownership shares. You can buy as little as 1 share, or you can buy all 25 shares and own the entire apartment. When you buy all or part of the property, you are registered with the government as the full and outright owner of the real estate. The Midtown is 265 square meters, so if you buy 1 share you will be registered as the outright owner of 10.6 square meters, if you buy all 25 shares, you will be registered as the outright owner of all 265 square meters. All shares have equal rights to the usage and earnings of this luxury rental apartment in Batumi.
How much do I earn?

We divide all earnings by the total income generated by the apartment each month. If you own 1 share, then you will earn 4% of the income from the apartment every month. If you own 5 shares, you will get 20% of the income each month. Each month we will take the earnings for the entire apartment and divide them equally among all the shares owned by investors. The more shares you own, the more money you earn. It is that simple.
Free Vacation Nights
Every year you get 3 free days for each share you own. You can use them to stay at The Midtown or any of our hotels, any time you wish. And, of course you will enjoy all the amenities we offer. If you want to stay longer, you get a 20% discount on normal nightly rates.
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